Kevin Olson

Designer, Developer, Tech Writer




YaQuiz is a free open-source quiz extension I designed for Joomla 4/5. It's written using mainly PHP and JavaScript.

You can use it to create review quizzes, tests, exams, etc. on any Joomla powered website with relative ease.

Currently, the extension supports creating, editing, and displaying quizzes along with grading and user feedback. Question types include short answer, multiple choice, and true/false. You can save general stats, like the average user score on a quiz and the number of submissions. Individual records can also be saved.

Design Process

The program is a Joomla Component and follows Joomla's standard MVC architecture. Initially, it was created to help me build review quizzes on my website, It has since evolved to support storing user results, certificates, multiple themes, and more.

When I initially designed this software, it was mostly meant for internal use exclusively by myself. However, I've since released it to the public on the Joomla Extension Directory. With feedback from the community, I've fixed bugs, implemented new features, and have added support for multiple languages while focusing on improving the overall ease of use.

The most challenging part of building this application was a lack of well written documentation on using Joomla's classes and conventions appropriately. I effectively had to reverse engineer other components to figure out how to make mine work. While this proved to be a good learning experience, it did cost me a considerable amount of time.

Overall I'm happy with how this project turned out and I look forward to continuing to support it in the future.