Kevin Olson

Designer, Developer, Tech Writer

Kevin Olson


Objective: To secure a technical role in a forward-thinking company where I can use my creativity and critical thinking skills to solve problems, develop applications, share knowledge, and further refine my skill set.

Education: Harrisburg Area Community College, Associate Degree in Web Development, Expected Dec. 2023

Oregon State University, currently working towards a B.S. in Computer Science

Experience: I have been developing websites and relatively small applications for two decades as a hobbyist and freelance developer. You can see some specific examples on my Projects Page. Below is a summary of all my skills.

Technical Skills:

Soft Skills

Communication: I am a strong written and verbal communicator. I excel at conveying information and giving presentations. That said, I don't talk for the sake of talking.

Teamwork: I work well on teams but can be very self-reliant if needed. I strive to contribute my best while remaining friendly, respectful, and approachable on any subject. I pride myself on my professionalism.

Time Management: I am able to work efficiently and manage time well. I know how to prioritize tasks based on urgency and I strive to meet deadlines.